Global Warming Logo
Illustrated the identity for the Global Warming natural clothing store.
Strawberry Hill Farm
ReDirect Guide
Crafted the cover of the healthy and sustainable lifestyle guide to show the array of green resources in the region.
Sonoma County Healthy and Sustainable Food Action Plan
The Action Plan invites local governments, businesses, community organizations and individuals to commit to action and play an active role in improving our food system. As a road map, the Plan serves as a framework to guide collaboration and integrate the efforts of diverse food system stakeholders. As a guide, it serves to catalyze policy change, encourage investment, and raise awareness and support from our community and policymakers. While the FAP intends to be a comprehensive guide, it also serves as a living document – a guiding north star – and aims to respect the voices of all industries across the spectrum of the food system. Click for full document.
From Storage to Rentention: Meeting Water Needs
Illustrated the water mind map and created the report for the The California Roundtable on Water and Food Supply which builds on an expansion of approaches to storing water that increase supply reliability for specialty crop agricultural production and other beneficial uses while protecting ecosystem health.
Local Food Movement in Ventura County
Collaborated on the report: Making Connections: How the Local Food Movement Can Support Ventura County Agriculture which displays the 2012 activities of the Ventura County Ag Futures Alliance. The Alliance generates dialogue and increase collaboration in the community about the important economic role that locally produced agricultural products play for a prosperous Ventura County.
Coalition on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases
Directed website creation for The Coalition on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (C-AGG). A multi-stakeholder coalition that fosters development and adoption of voluntary incentives to reduce GHG emissions from the agricultural sector. C-AGG participants and stakeholders include; agricultural producers, producer groups, scientists, environmental NGO’s, carbon market developers, methodology experts, investors, and other proponents of voluntary agricultural GHG mitigation opportunities and benefits.
Guidelines for Creating Effective Ecosystem
The California Roundtable on Agriculture and the Environment (CRAE) released Guidelines for Creating Effective Ecosystem Services Incentive Programs and Policy in 2012. This paper is the product of a collaboration among agricultural and conservation groups, technical support agencies and state agencies. The guidelines assist in the effective development of new programmatic and policy efforts to build incentives to value and encourage the provision of ecosystem services on farmland. Click for full document.
Brining Farm Research
Applied research and public awareness (PR) to holistic-system farm planning with use of cover crops and livestock resources to enrich soil nutrients.
Central Wind Services
Designed the mechanics of the service and the industry to create a brand and marketing strategy for a wind turbine company.
Scenic Route Website
Defined the creative strategy and design for company who specializes in ecosystem design.
Colorado Permaculture Guild
Designed icons to represent the connection to the vast array of elements of an intertwined and growing guild.
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